Vasota Fort – A Best Fort Around Satara, Maharashtra


Vasota Fort is an ancient hill fort located 18 km from Bamnoli village and 56 km from Satra District. Vasota Fort also known as Vyaghragad is situated at the height of  3841 feet. The Fort is located inside the deep forests and valleys of the Koyna Wildlife Century. The Fort is covered with water on three sides as it is situated on the bank of Shivsagar Lake. The amazing surroundings and Ancient Fort attract tourists around Satara and it is the best one-day trip for people living in Pune. The trek is considered a medium difficulty level trek.

History of Vasota Fort

Vasota Fort was built by Kolhapur Shilahara Chief Bhoja II in the year 1178-1993. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort and changed the name to Vyaghragad (Vyaghra – means tiger). Later in 1818, the British Empire captured  Vasota Fort along with all other forts of Maratha.

In 1815 it was used as a prison, Among other prisoners were two British officers, Hunter and Morrison. To liberate them, Brig. Gen. Fitzgerald led the British forces in May 1818. They used elephants to move from the route of the thick jungles and climbed the nearby old Vasota fort. After reaching there they attacked and looted property worth 5 lakhs, captured the fort, and liberated all the prisoners.

Vasota Trek Famous For?

Vasota Fort is an ideal destination for adventure lovers. The fort offers adventurous activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, and rock climbing. Fort offers the best experience of a jungle trek. Route till the fort from Met Indavali is covered with huge trees.

Hanuman Temple Vasota
                                       Hanuman Temple

Fort is famous for its Maharashtrian Architecture of the buildings. The fort has 3 main Parts – Old Fort, New Fort, and Nageshwar. You will see one temple of God Hanuman situated at the entrance of the fort. A temple of God Shiva and another temple of Nageshwar is on the top of the fort. Another thing to see is, that U-shaped cliff lies in front of Vasota Fort.

From this point, the old Vasota Fort is clearly visible, but one cannot visit the old Vasota Fort because it is closed to trekkers due to wild animals around. Nageshwar cave is carved inside the Mahadev Temple which takes 2 hours to reach the cave. As the area is reserved for tigers and other wild animals you may see these animals roaming around. The sanctuary is home to many wild animals as bears, leopards, and even tigers.

How To Reach Vasota Fort?

Bamnoli is the nearest station to Vasota Fort, around 38 km from Satara. To reach the base of the fort you have to take a boat from Bamnoli which will take you to the Met Indavali which will take 1 to 1.5 hrs. Here you have to pay around INR 3000 for a boat ride for your group. One has to get the permission from forest office of Bamnoli because it is inside the Tiger-Reserved Area. There is a checkpoint of the Forest Department at Met Indavali. There are minimal fees of INR 30 at the checkpoint. From here you have to travel from dense forest to reach the top of Vasota which takes about 3 hours to reach.

The trek remains closed from June to October for wild animals to move freely.

Time to Visit Vasota Fort

Bamnoli Forest office opens at 8 AM and the first boat from Bamnoli to Met Indavali starts at 8.30 AM. Trekkers need to complete their trek before 5.30 PM because it is not allowed to stay in the forest after 5.30 PM.

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Q1. Is the Vasota trek difficult?

Ans: Yes.

Q2. Which district is Vasota in?

Ans: Satara District.

Q3. What is the entry fee for Vasota?

Ans: INR 30.

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