10 Famous Places to Visit in Pushkar, Rajasthan

1. Brahma Temple

Dedicated to Lord Brahma, it is one of the rare temples in the world dedicated to the creator deity.

2. Savitri Mata Temple

Perched atop a hill, it offers panoramic views of Pushkar and is dedicated to Goddess Savitri, Lord Brahma's consort.

3. Pushkar Lake

A sacred lake surrounded by ghats, believed to have been created by petals falling from Lord Brahma's lotus.

4. Rangji Temple

An impressive temple combining South Indian and Rajasthani architectural styles, dedicated to Lord Rangji.

5. Varaha Temple

Known for its intricate carvings, this temple is dedicated to Lord Varaha, the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

6. Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar

A Sikh place of worship commemorating the visit of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, to Pushkar.

7. Gau Ghat

A prominent ghat along Pushkar Lake where devotees perform rituals and prayers, especially for the welfare of cows.

8. Varaha Ghat

A sacred bathing ghat named after Lord Varaha, attracting pilgrims for spiritual cleansing.

9. Gayatri Mata Temple

Devoted to Goddess Gayatri, it holds significance for devotees seeking blessings for knowledge and wisdom.

10. Man Mahal Pushkar

A royal guest house turned into a heritage hotel, known for its architectural beauty and proximity to Pushkar Lake.