8 Hidden Places to Visit in Majuli

1. Tengapania

A serene village in Majuli, Tengapania is known for its beautiful landscapes and traditional Mishing tribal huts. It offers a peaceful escape from the more crowded areas.

2. Garamur Satra

Garamur Satra might be less crowded compared to others like Kamalabari Satra. Explore the unique cultural heritage and witness traditional performances here.

3.Auniati Satra

Though Auniati Satra is relatively well-known, its hidden treasures and artifacts may not be as commonly explored. Take the time to discover the Satra's history and cultural significance beyond the main attractions.

4. Dakhinpat Satra

This Satra is known for its extensive collection of ancient artifacts and manuscripts. Visitors interested in Assamese culture and history may find this Satra particularly fascinating.

5. Kamalabari Fishermen's Village

the fishermen's village might be less frequented by tourists. Experience the local way of life and interact with the fishermen to gain insights into their daily routines.

6. Kakochang Waterfalls

Kakochang Waterfalls is a hidden natural beauty. The journey to reach the falls might involve some adventure, but the picturesque surroundings make it worthwhile.

7. Doria

This is a traditional Assamese boat race that takes place during the Ali-ai-ligang festival. It's an excellent opportunity to witness a local sporting event and experience the vibrant culture of Majuli.

8. Salmara Village

Salmara offers a chance to witness the rural life of Majuli. Explore the paddy fields and interact with the locals to get a glimpse of their traditional way of living.