Famous Hill Stations near Pune

1. Lonavala

It is famous for its lush greenery, beautiful views of waterfalls and ghats.

2. Mahabaleshwar

Famous for its strawberry farms, picturesque views and tranquil lakes.

3. Panchgani

It is known for its picturesque landscapes, colonial architecture and educational institutions.

4. Matheran

A unique hill station with pollution-free air, horse riding and breathtaking sunsets.

5. Khandala

Famous for its valleys, caves and trekking trails, which makes it a popular monsoon destination.

6. Lavasa

Popular for walks along the picturesque lake, a beautiful hill town with adventure sports and vibrant festivals.

7. Amboli

It is famous for its thick forests, waterfalls and diverse flora and fauna.

8. Bhandardara

Popular for being home to tranquil lakes, ancient temples and the majestic Randha Waterfalls.

9. Igatpuri

It is known for its serene environment, lush greenery and the famous Tringalwadi Fort trek.

10. Malshej Ghat

It is famous for its high mountains, misty waterfalls and bird-watching opportunities, especially during the monsoon.