Vibrant Offbeat Places in Meghalaya

1. Mawphanlur

Tucked away in the West Khasi Hills district, Mawphanlur is a tranquil haven known for its serene lakes, rolling hills, and lush greenery. It's an ideal destination for nature lovers.

2. Nartiang Village

Located near Jowai in the Jaintia Hills district, Nartiang Village is famous for its ancient monoliths and rich cultural heritage. The Nartiang Monoliths, believed to be remnants of an ancient civilization, are a fascinating sight to behold.

3. Nongstoin

ituated in the West Khasi Hills district, Nongstoin is a picturesque town surrounded by lush green valleys and rolling hills. It's an offbeat destination offering opportunities for trekking, rock climbing, and exploring local Khasi culture.

4. Riwai Village

Nestled in the East Khasi Hills district, Riwai Village is famous for its living root bridges and stunning natural beauty. Visitors can trek through the dense forests to explore these unique bridges, which are made by weaving the roots of rubber trees.

5. Shnongpdeng

Located near Dawki in the West Jaintia Hills district, Shnongpdeng is a hidden gem known for its crystal-clear river waters and adventurous activities. Visitors can enjoy thrilling experiences like river rafting, cliff jumping, and zip-lining amidst breathtaking scenery.

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