One Day Tour Near Kolkata within 50 km

1. Dakshineswar Kali Temple

A divine journey on the banks of the Hooghly River, famous for its architectural splendor.

2. Belur Math

A spiritual retreat on the Ganges, showcasing the harmony of religions through its unique blend of Hindu, Christian, and Islamic architecture.

3. Eco Park, New Town

A sprawling urban park offering nature trails, eco-friendly activities, and serene lakes within the city.

4. Science City

An interactive science and technology center with engaging exhibits and a planetarium for a fun and educational day out.

5. Marble Palace

A majestic 19th-century mansion adorned with marble sculptures, antiques, and exquisite artifacts.

6. Indian Museum

A treasure trove of history, anthropology, and art, housing a diverse collection of artifacts from across the country.

7. Victoria Memorial

A symbol of Kolkata's colonial past, this iconic monument surrounded by lush gardens showcases British architectural grandeur.

8. Birla Mandir

A serene temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, offering tranquility amidst the bustling city.

9. Rabindra Sarovar

A peaceful lakeside retreat perfect for picnics, boating, and leisurely walks.

10. Alipore Zoo

1. A family-friendly destination featuring a variety of wildlife species and lush greenery in the heart of the city.