Places to Visit in Andaman & Nicobar in 5 Days

Day 1: Port Blair

Start your trip by visiting the Cellular Jail, a historic colonial prison that played a crucial role in India's struggle for independence. Attend the evening light and sound show at Cellular Jail, which narrates the poignant history of the freedom fighters.

Day 2: Ross Island and North Bay

Take a ferry to Ross Island, known for its historical ruins, including British-era buildings and a cemetery. Enjoy the serene environment and peacocks roaming freely. Explore North Bay Island, famous for its coral reefs. Engage in water activities like snorkeling or glass-bottom boat rides to witness the vibrant marine life.

Day 3: Havelock Island

Travel to Havelock Island and visit Radhanagar Beach, often considered one of the best beaches in Asia. Relax on the pristine white sands and enjoy the turquoise waters. Experience the serene beauty of Kalapathar Beach, known for its picturesque coastline and the stunning contrast of white sand against the black rocks.

Day 4: Neil Island

Take a ferry to Neil Island and explore Laxmanpur Beach, known for its long shoreline and stunning sunset views. Visit the Natural Bridge, a unique rock formation created by the natural forces of wind and water.

Day 5: Chidiya Tapu and return to Port Blair

Explore Chidiya Tapu, known for its lush greenery, diverse bird species, and beautiful sunset views. Head back to Port Blair, and if time allows, you can visit other attractions like Anthropological Museum or Samudrika Naval Marine Museum.

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