Places to Visit in Hampi in 2 days

1. Virupaksha Temple

Explore the ancient Virupaksha Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Marvel at its intricate architecture and historical significance.

2. Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex

Climb Hemakuta Hill to witness a cluster of small temples and shrines with panoramic views of Hampi. Perfect for a sunrise or sunset visit.

3. Vijaya Vittala Temple

Visit the iconic Vijaya Vittala Temple, known for its musical pillars and the renowned Stone Chariot. Admire the exceptional craftsmanship of this Hampi gem.

4. Achyutaraya Temple

Explore the Achyutaraya Temple, nestled between the Gandhamadana and Matanga Hills. Enjoy the serene surroundings and intricate carvings.

5. Royal Enclosure

Discover the Royal Enclosure, an archaeological site housing remnants of palaces, platforms, and other structures that showcase the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire.

6. Lotus Palace

Admire the Lotus Palace (Kamal Mahal), an ornate structure with beautiful archways and balconies. Experience the architectural elegance of the royal women's quarters.

7. Elephant Stables

Witness the Elephant Stables, a unique structure featuring domed chambers that once housed the royal elephants. Reflect on the regal history of Vijayanagara.

8. Matanga Hill

Hike up Matanga Hill for breathtaking panoramic views of Hampi's landscape. Ideal for sunrise or sunset, it offers a serene escape and a perfect end to your two-day exploration.

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