8 Places to Visit in Indore in One Day

Start your day with a visit to this iconic palace in the heart of Indore. It's a blend of Mughal, Maratha, and French architectural styles.

1. Rajwada Palace

Visit this vibrant night market during the day to see its transformation. Explore the local street food and shop for souvenirs.

2. Sarafa Bazaar

Known as the "Glass Temple," this Jain temple is entirely constructed using glass and mirrors. It's a unique and beautiful sight.

3. Kanch Mandir

This stunning palace is known for its grand architecture and sprawling gardens. It's a great place to learn about the history of the Holkar dynasty.

4. Lal Bagh Palace

Pay a visit to this beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, which is known for its intricate architecture and peaceful ambiance.

5. Annapurna Temple

If time permits and you're interested in a short trek, head to Patalpani Waterfall, located around 35 km from Indore. It's a picturesque spot surrounded by lush greenery.

6. Patalpani Waterfall

Next, visit the Central Museum (Indore Museum) to explore its collection of artifacts, sculptures, and paintings.

7. Central Museum

If you're a nature enthusiast, you can visit this wildlife sanctuary located on the outskirts of Indore to explore the flora and fauna of the region.

8. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary