Top 10 Famous Places To visit in kottayam- 2023

1. Illikkal Kallu

"Illikkal Kallu in Kottayam, a majestic rock formation with panoramic views."

2. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple

"Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, a sacred abode of Lord Shiva in the heart of Vaikom."

3.  Bay Island Driftwood Museum

"Bay Island Driftwood Museum, where nature's artistry is intricately crafted."

4. Thazhathangady Juma Masjid

"Thazhathangady Juma Masjid, an architectural marvel and a historic mosque by the serene banks of the Meenachil River."

5. Pilgrim Centre

"Pilgrim Centre, a spiritual haven inviting seekers from all walks of life to find solace and devotion."

6. Poonjar Palace

"Poonjar Palace, a regal testimony to history, adorned with architectural splendor and cultural heritage."

7. Vallyachan Mala

"Valyachan Mala, on an ancient hilltop offers breathtaking views and a serene retreat into nature."