10 BEST Places to Visit in Kovalam

Kovalam's iconic sandy stretch, renowned for its towering lighthouse and vibrant atmosphere.

1. Lighthouse Beach

A popular destination with three crescent-shaped beaches, offering sun-soaked sands and a picturesque coastal setting.

2. Kovalam Beach

A historic structure in Kovalam, Halcyon Castle is a former royal residence, now serving as a luxurious hotel.

3. Halcyon Castle

An ancient rock-cut temple near Kovalam, showcasing intricate carvings and cultural significance.

4. Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

A magnificent Hindu temple in Thiruvananthapuram, known for its Dravidian architecture and religious importance.

5. Padmanabhaswamy Temple

A serene freshwater lake near Kovalam, offering a peaceful escape and scenic views.

6. Vellayani Lake

1A tranquil beach in close proximity to Kovalam, known for its fishing activities and laid-back ambiance. 

7. Vizhinjam Beach

A picturesque village near Kovalam featuring a serene lake, gardens, and recreational facilities for tourists.

8. Veli Lake Tourist Village

A coastal town near Kovalam, recognized for its historic significance, fishing harbor, and cultural charm.

9. Vizhinjam

A scenic village near Kovalam, where a river, lake, and sea converge, creating a unique and picturesque landscape.

10. Poovar