10 famous historical places to visit in mp

1. Khajuraho Group of Monuments

Khajuraho is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temples were built between 950 and 1050 AD and are a masterpiece of ancient Indian art and architecture.

2. Sanchi Stupa

Located near Bhopal, Sanchi is famous for its Great Stupa, a Buddhist monument built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. The site also has other stupas, monasteries, and pillars with inscriptions

3. Gwalior Fort

One of the largest forts in India, Gwalior Fort has a rich history and architectural marvels. The fort has palaces, temples, and a museum showcasing artifacts from different periods.

4. Mandu (Mandavgarh)

Mandu is known for its historic ruins and architectural wonders. The city has palaces, tombs, and mosques, including notable structures like Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, and Jami Masjid.

5. Bhimbetka Rock

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bhimbetka is an archaeological site with rock shelters that have evidence of prehistoric human habitation, dating back to the Paleolithic era

6. Orchha

The Orchha Fort complex includes Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, and other structures that reflect the grandeur of the Bundela dynasty.

7. Ujjain

Ujjain is home to the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve sacred shrines of Lord Shiva. The city also hosts the Kumbh Mela.

8. Bhojeshwar Temple

Bhojeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its massive lingam. The temple was left incomplete but remains an architectural marvel.

9. Chanderi

Chanderi is known for its medieval forts, palaces, and Jain temples. The Chanderi Fort and Koshak Mahal are among the notable structures.

10. Datia Palace

Also known as Bir Singh Palace or Datia Mahal, this palace in Datia is an architectural gem with stunning paintings and artwork.