Places to Visit in  Except Temples | With Family Friends

Although the Rock Fort complex includes a temple, it offers panoramic views of the city and the Kaveri River. The climb to the top is a unique experience and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

1. Rock Fort and Ucchi Pillayar Temple

nother prominent temple, but with the added attraction of the ancient Jambukeswarar Akilandeswari Temple tank, where you can enjoy a serene environment.

2. Jambukeswarar Akilandeswari Temple

This temple is located on an island in the Kaveri River and is one of the largest functioning Hindu temples in the world. The island setting adds to the uniqueness of the visit, and the architecture is awe-inspiring.

3. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Island

A great place for family and friends, especially if you have children. The center features interactive exhibits on science and technology, making it an educational and entertaining experience.

4. Anna Science Centre

Government Museum in Trichy, which houses a collection of artifacts, sculptures, and exhibits related to the region's history and culture.

5. Government Museum

Kallanai Dam is one of the oldest water-regulation structures in the world. It's a serene place with a beautiful view of the river and a nice spot for a picnic.

6. Kallanai Dam

This is a lesser-known temple with a unique architecture, dedicated to the goddess Vekkaliamman. The temple has colorful sculptures and is an interesting place to visit.

7. Vekkaliamman Kovil

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Kaveri River, especially during the evening. It's a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty.

8. Kaveri River Promenade

Located in Srirangam, the Butterfly Park is a delightful place where you can witness a variety of butterflies in a natural setting. It can be a fun and educational experience for both children and adults.

9. Butterfly Park