Exciting Places to Visit in Vijayawada with Friends

1. Bhavani Island

Head to Bhavani Island for a day of relaxation and fun activities. Enjoy boat rides, water sports, and the scenic beauty of the Krishna River.

2. MG Road

MG Road is a bustling street with shops, cafes, and vibrant local markets. It's a great place to explore, shop for souvenirs, and try out local street food.

3. Prakasam Barrage

Take a leisurely walk along the Prakasam Barrage in the evening. The view of the Krishna River and the city lights is spectacular. It's a perfect spot for group photos.

4. Vijayawada Prakasam Park

Spend some quality time at Prakasam Park. The well-maintained gardens and the musical fountain provide a relaxed environment for group hangouts.

5. BRTS Road

BRTS Road is known for its vibrant nightlife. Explore the various cafes, eateries, and entertainment options with your friends for a lively evening.

6. Haailand Resort & Theme Park

If you and your friends are up for some adventure and excitement, consider a day trip to Haailand Resort and Theme Park. Enjoy thrilling rides and relax by the pool.

8. Kanaka Durga Temple Viewpoint

While the temple itself may close in the evening, the viewpoint near Kanaka Durga Temple offers a stunning panoramic view of Vijayawada. It's a great place for a group visit.

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