Places To Visit Near Dehradun within 100 kms

Natural cave formation with a stream inside, perfect for a day picnic.

1. Robber's Cave

Magnificent waterfall and sulphur springs known for their therapeutic properties.

2. Sahastradhara

Largest Buddhist monastery in India, renowned for its ornate architecture and peaceful ambiance.

3. Mindrolling Monastery

Serene man-made lake surrounded by lush greenery, ideal for a relaxing day out.

4. Lacchiwala

Ancient Shiva temple located in a natural cave with a sacred water spring.

5. Tapkeshwar Temple

Wildlife sanctuary offering safaris to spot elephants, tigers, and diverse flora and fauna.

6. Rajaji National Park

Wildlife park housing various species of deer, perfect for nature enthusiasts and families.

7. Malsi Deer Park

Hilltop temple offering panoramic views of the Himalayas and the surrounding valleys.

8. Santala Devi Temple

Picturesque spot on the banks of the Ganges River, known for its spiritual significance and yoga retreats.

9. Tapovan

Birdwatcher's paradise, offering a tranquil setting to observe migratory birds in their natural habitat.

10. Asan Barrage