7 Places to Visit Near Jamshedpur Within 100 km

1. Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is a well-maintained public park featuring lush greenery, fountains, and recreational facilities.

The Russi Modi Centre for Excellence serves as a hub for skill development and educational advancement, fostering innovation and growth in Jamshedpur.

2. Russi Modi Centre For Excellence

3. Dimna Lake

Dimna Lake offers serene surroundings and activities like boating and picnicking.

4. Chandil Dam

Chandil Dam offers picturesque views of the Subarnarekha River and is a great spot for photography and relaxation.

5. Rivers Meet

Domuhani is the confluence point of the Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers, offering a scenic backdrop for nature lovers.

6. Jayanti Sarovar

Jayanti Sarovar is a picturesque lake known for its tranquil ambiance and boating facilities.

7. Sir Dorabji Tata Park

Dorabji Tata Park, located in Jamshedpur, offers a serene escape amidst lush greenery and is a testament to the city's industrial heritage, providing a peaceful retreat for visitors.