Places To Visit Near Jhansi within 100 kms

1. Orchha

Explore the historic town of Orchha, known for its magnificent palaces and temples, within 16 km from Jhansi.

2. Datia

Visit Datia, approximately 35 km away, famous for the impressive 7-storey Datia Palace.

3. Barua Sagar

Enjoy the serene Barua Sagar reservoir, just 25 km from Jhansi, surrounded by temples and historical structures.

4. Sonagiri

Witness the ancient Jain temples and stunning views at Sonagiri, located 60 km away from Jhansi.

5. Shivpuri

Discover the lush landscapes and wildlife at Shivpuri, around 95 km from Jhansi, featuring the serene Madhav National Park.

6. Chirgaon

Experience the tranquility of Chirgaon, a small town 18 km away, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance.

7. Lalitpur

Explore Lalitpur, situated approximately 90 km from Jhansi, with its ancient temples and rich cultural heritage.

8. Baragaon

Visit Baragaon, around 40 km away, famous for its historic fort and the ancient temple of Goddess Vankhandeshwari.

9. Baldeogarh

Immerse yourself in history at Baldeogarh, located 35 km from Jhansi, featuring an ancient fort and temples.

10. Karera Bird Sanctuary

1. Enjoy bird-watching at Karera Bird Sanctuary, about 85 km away, home to a diverse range of avian species.