Places to Visit Near Jodhpur Within 150 KM

1. Osian

Known for its ancient temples and camel safaris, Osian is about 65 km from Jodhpur. It's a great place to explore Rajasthani culture and architecture.

2. Khimsar

Khimsar is known for its stunning fort, now converted into a heritage hotel. The village around the fort offers a glimpse into rural Rajasthan.

3. Nagaur

Nagaur is famous for its historic fort, temples, and colorful cattle fair held in January-February.

4. Bilara

Bilara is also home to several ancient temples that are worth visiting. The Gokulnath Temple and the Someshwar Temple are two popular temples in the town known for their exquisite architecture and religious significance.

5. Luni

Jodhpur, is famous for its fort and beautiful architecture. It's a great place to experience the heritage of Rajasthan.

6. Rohet

Rohet is known for its charming village atmosphere and the stunning Rohet Garh fort, now a heritage hotel.

7. Pokaran

Jodhpur, Pokaran is famous for its historic fort and beautiful surroundings. It's a great place for history enthusiasts.

8. Sardar Samand Lake

Jodhpur, Sardar Samand Lake is a peaceful retreat surrounded by hills. It's a great place for bird watching and relaxation.