8 Places to Visit Near Madurai Within 100 kms

Madurai, this temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is nestled in a hill

1. Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple

Samanar hill it is situated on the hills, famous for its Jain cave Temple and inscription.

2. Samanar Hills

It is Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and is famous for it beautiful architecture and surrounding natural beauty.

3. Alagar Kovil

Located in Madurai itself, this palace was built in the 17th century by King Thirumalai Nayak and is known for its stunning architecture and light and sound show.

4. Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal

Situated in Madurai, this museum is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and showcases various artifacts related to his life and the freedom struggle.

5. Gandhi Museum

Located in Madurai, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is known for its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings.

6. Koodal Azhagar Temple

This is a large temple tank where the Float Festival is celebrated annually.

7. Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam

this dam is built across the Vaigai River and offers a scenic view of the surrounding areas.

8. Vaigai Dam