8 Places to Visit Near Ujjain within 300 km

1. Bhimbetka

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its prehistoric rock shelters and cave paintings.

2. Pachmarhi

Explore the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, known for its scenic beauty, waterfalls, and caves.

3. Chanderi

Known for its medieval fort, exquisite Jain temples, and handwoven Chanderi sarees.

4. Bhopal

Visit the various museums, mosques, and the scenic Upper Lake in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

5. Mandu

Explore the ancient fort city of Mandu, known for its Afghan architecture, palaces, and Jahaz Mahal.

6. Maheshwar

Explore the historic town known for its fort, temples, and the beautiful Maheshwar ghat on the Narmada River.

7. Omkareshwar

Known for the Omkareshwar Temple, one of the 12 revered Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva.

8. Indore

Visit the Rajwada Palace, Lal Bagh Palace, and Sarafa Bazaar for local food and shopping.