8 Places to Visit Near Ujjain Within 50 KM

1. Dewas

Dewas is also known for its temples, such as the Devi Chamunda Temple and the Kaila Devi Temple, which attract devotees and tourists alike

2. Gopal Mandir

he temple's sanctum sanctorum houses the idol of Lord Krishna, which is believed to be swayambhu (self-manifested). Gopal Mandir is not only a place of worship but also a symbol of the rich cultural and religious heritage of Ujjain.

3. Kal Bhairav Temple

Another prominent temple in Ujjain, dedicated to the fierce form of Lord Shiva known as Bhairav.

4. Ram Ghat

A serene ghat on the Shipra River, known for its religious significance and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Harsiddhi Temple

A historic temple dedicated to the goddess Harsiddhi, located near the Ram Ghat in Ujjain.

6. Kaliadeh Palace

Situated on the banks of the Shipra River, this ancient palace offers a picturesque view of the surroundings.

7. Sandipani Ashram

Believed to be the ashram where Lord Krishna and Sudama studied together, located in Ujjain.

8. Vikram Kirti Mandir Museum

A museum in Ujjain dedicated to the king Vikramaditya, showcasing artifacts and history related to his reign.