Places To Visit Near Vadodara within 100 kms

1. Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its historical monuments and scenic landscapes.

2. Sardar Sarovar Dam

India's largest dam offering picturesque views and opportunities for boating and sightseeing.

3. Ajwa Water Park

A popular recreational destination featuring water rides and lush greenery.

4. Statue of Unity

The world's tallest statue, dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, with a museum and scenic surroundings.

5. Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

A natural haven for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting diverse flora and fauna.

6. Hathni Mata Waterfall

A serene waterfall nestled amidst dense forests, perfect for a refreshing getaway.

7. Pavagadh Hill

A sacred pilgrimage site with temples and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

8. Kali Tiger Reserve

Home to rich biodiversity, including tigers, leopards, and various bird species, ideal for nature lovers.

9. Kabirvad

A mystical island on the Narmada River, steeped in legend and spirituality, offering tranquility and scenic beauty.

10. Zarwani Eco Campsite

1. A serene camping spot amidst nature, offering opportunities for adventure activities like trekking and birdwatching.