Short Trip Near Kolkata for 1 day

1. Sundarbans

Explore the world's largest mangrove forest and spot the Royal Bengal Tiger.

2. Shantiniketan

Immerse yourself in Rabindranath Tagore's world of art, culture, and education.

3. Bishnupur

Discover terracotta temples and intricate Baluchari sarees in this historic town.

4. Digha

Relax on sandy beaches and enjoy a refreshing dip in the Bay of Bengal.

5. Chandannagar

Experience French colonial charm amidst riverside promenades and heritage buildings.

6. Diamond Harbour

Witness the confluence of the Ganges and Hooghly rivers while enjoying serene surroundings.

7. Raichak

Indulge in luxury riverside resorts and scenic boat rides along the Hooghly.

8. Belur Math

Seek spiritual solace at this serene Ramakrishna Mission ashram on the banks of the Ganges.

9. Joypur Forest

Embark on a thrilling jungle safari and spot exotic wildlife in this nature reserve.

10. Mayapur

Visit the headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and experience spiritual enlightenment.