Sonmarg Tourist Places

Sonmarg, a picturesque Himalayan destination, captivates with its snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, and adventurous trekking trails.

1. Thajiwas Glacier

Located at an altitude of 9,186 feet, it is a popular spot for trekking and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

2. Zoji La Pass

A high mountain pass connecting Sonmarg to Ladakh, providing mesmerizing views of the Himalayas.

3. Satsar Lake

A cluster of seven alpine lakes surrounded by lush green meadows, perfect for a serene and peaceful experience.

4. Baltal Valley

Famous as the base camp for the Amarnath Yatra, it's a picturesque valley with lush greenery and a flowing river.

5. Nilagrad River

Known for its reddish water, believed to have medicinal properties, and a scenic spot for picnics.

6. Gangbal Lake

Situated at the foothills of Mount Haramukh, this pristine lake is surrounded by lush meadows and offers stunning views.

7. Nichnai Pass

A high-altitude pass offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, making it a favorite among trekkers.

8. Krishnasar Lake

A beautiful high-altitude lake surrounded by colorful wildflowers, providing a picturesque landscape.

9. War Memorial

A tribute to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the Indo-Pak wars, offering a solemn atmosphere and panoramic views.

10. Sonmarg Main Market

Explore the local market to experience the vibrant culture, shop for traditional handicrafts, and savor local cuisine.

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