Discover the MOST Beautiful  Tawang Tourist Places

1. Tawang Monastery

Discover the splendor of this ancient Buddhist monastery nestled amidst majestic mountain peaks.

2. Sela Pass

Traverse the high-altitude pass and be captivated by panoramic views of the Himalayan range and its pristine lakes.

3. Jaswant Garh

Pay homage at this memorial set against the backdrop of picturesque valleys and lush meadows.

4. Taktsang Gompa

Explore this ancient hilltop monastery perched amidst scenic surroundings, offering spiritual solace and stunning views of the Himalayas.

5. Gorichen Peak

Behold the majestic beauty of one of Arunachal Pradesh's highest peaks, offering breathtaking Himalayan vistas.

6. Bum La Pass

Explore this historic mountain pass near the Indo-China border, offering stunning views and insights into the region's past.

7. Tawang War Memorial

Pay tribute to the brave soldiers at this memorial, set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, and learn about the region's rich military history.

8. Madhuri Lake

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this serene lake surrounded by towering mountains.

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