Places 8 to Visit in Panchgani- 2024

1. Parsi Point

"Parsi Point in Panchgani offers panoramic views of the Krishna Valley and Dhom Dam,

2. Sydney Point

"Sydney Point in Panchgani provides stunning panoramic views of the Krishna Valley and Dhom Dam,"

3. Dhom Dam

"Dhom Dam near Panchgani is a serene reservoir, surrounded by lush greenery,

4. Kate's Point

"Kate's Point in Panchgani showcases the mesmerizing beauty of the Krishna Valley and Dhom Dam.

5. Table Land Panchgani

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6. Sherbaug Panchgani

Private, Park, Nursery, Sculptures, Gallery, Landscaped, Gardens, Nature, Relaxation, Tranquil

7.  Mapro Garden

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8. Pratapgad Fort

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