Top 5 Hidden Gems of South Goa to Visit in 2024

Top 5 Hidden Gems of South Goa to Visit in 2024

1. Butterfly Beach

Tucked away near Agonda, this secluded beach is accessible only by foot or boat. Its calm turquoise waters, rocky outcrops, and lush jungle backdrop create a truly idyllic setting. Ideal for snorkeling, sunbathing, and enjoying the peacefulness.

2. Cabo de Rama Fort

Perched at the southern tip of Goa, this historic fort offers stunning coastal views and a glimpse into Portuguese colonial history. Explore the ramparts, explore the hidden chapel, and soak in the breathtaking sunsets.

3. Dudhsagar Falls

Nestled deep within Mollem National Park, this cascading waterfall is a sight to behold. Hike through the verdant jungle, take a dip in the refreshing pool, and enjoy the mesmerizing roar of the falls.

4. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to diverse flora and fauna, this sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers. Trek through the scenic trails, spot tigers, deer, and exotic birds, and soak in the serene atmosphere.

5. Cola Beach

Escape the crowds and relax on this pristine beach nestled amidst coconut groves. Enjoy the soft sand, turquoise waters, and laid-back vibe. Try kayaking or simply unwind under the warm Goan sun.