Toughest Trek in Maharashtra

1. Harishchandragad Trek

Offers rugged terrain and ancient caves with stunning views.

2. Kalsubai Trek

Maharashtra's highest peak, challenging ascent, rewarding panoramic vistas.

3. Rajmachi Fort Trek

Historical fortresses amidst lush greenery, accessible via varied trails.

4. Ratangad Trek

Ancient fort with a mix of steep climbs and scenic beauty.

5. Torna Fort Trek

Rich historical significance coupled with challenging terrain.

6. Kokan Kada Trek

Jaw-dropping cliff faces and cascading waterfalls await on this demanding trail.

7. Andharban Trek

Dense forest trail with numerous waterfalls and streams to cross.

8. Bhimashankar Trek

Dense forests, wildlife sightings, and a sacred temple at the summit.

9. Naneghat Trek

Historical passageway with steep cliffs and ancient inscriptions.

10. Salher Trek

Maharashtra's second-highest peak with breathtaking views and a tough climb.