Tourist Places in Vagamon for One Day Trip

1. Marmala Waterfalls

Marmala Waterfalls in Vagamon, Kerala, is a serene natural attraction known for its picturesque beauty and cascading waters.

2. Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine Forest in Vagamon offers a serene retreat amidst picturesque landscapes with its enchanting pine tree groves.

3. Vagamon Floriculture center

The Vagamon Floriculture Center in Vagamon is a scenic botanical garden showcasing a diverse array of flowers and plants.

4. Kurisumala

Kurisumala in Vagamon is a serene hilltop retreat in Kerala, India, known for its Christian pilgrimage center and monastery with stunning views of the Western Ghats.

5. Barren Hills

Barren Hills in Vagamon is a scenic destination known for its rugged and barren landscape, offering breathtaking views amidst the natural beauty of Vagamon in Kerala, India.

6. Thangal Para

Thangal Para in Vagamon is a scenic viewpoint offering panoramic views of the lush landscapes and valleys in the Vagamon hill station in Kerala, India.

7. Vagamon Lake

Vagamon Lake in Vagamon is a serene and picturesque freshwater lake nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of the Western Ghats in Kerala, India.

8. Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary in Vagamon is a protected area in Kerala, India, known for its diverse flora and fauna conservation efforts.

9. Murugan Mala

Murugan Mala in Vagamon is a prominent pilgrimage site featuring a hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Murugan amidst scenic surroundings in Vagamon, Kerala, India.

10. Vagamon Meadows

Vagamon Meadows in Vagamon offer breathtaking landscapes and serene beauty, making it a tranquil retreat for nature lovers.