Tourist Places near Bijapur within 100 kms

1. Ibrahim Rouza

Located around 5 kilometers from Bijapur, Ibrahim Rouza is a tomb and mosque complex known for its elegant architecture.

2. Gol Gumbaz

This iconic monument is located in Bijapur itself and is famous for its massive dome, whispering gallery, and the tomb of Mohammed Adil Shah.

3. Malik-e-Maidan

Situated in the heart of Bijapur, Malik-e-Maidan is one of the largest medieval cannons in the world.

4. Jod Gumbaz

Jod Gumbaz is a twin tomb structure. It's known for its unique architectural style and is a peaceful place to visit.

5. Bara Kaman

An unfinished mausoleum of Ali Adil Shah II, Bara Kaman is an impressive structure known for its large arches.

6. Sangeet Nari Mahal

Also known as Anand Mahal, this is an ancient palace with a central hall designed for cultural performances.

7. Asar Mahal

Located in Bijapur, Asar Mahal is a historical structure with a significant religious and cultural importance.

8. Chand Bawdi

The stepwell is an architectural marvel and provides an insight into the region's historical water management practices.

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