tourist places near shirdi within 100 km

Famous for its open-air temple dedicated to Lord Shani, situated approximately 73 km from Shirdi.

1. Shani Shingnapur

Known for the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, around 90 km from Shirdi.

2. Trimbakeshwar

A historic city with religious significance, located about 88 km from Shirdi.

3. Nashik

A serene hill station and reservoir near Shirdi, around 85 km away.

4. Bhandardara

UNESCO World Heritage site featuring ancient Buddhist caves, approximately 97 km from Shirdi.

5. Ajanta Caves

Renowned for rock-cut temples, situated around 94 km from Shirdi.

6. Ellora Caves

A city rich in history and culture, located about 99 km from Shirdi.

7. Aurangabad

A revered Jyotirlinga shrine near Ellora, around 94 km away from Shirdi.

8. Grishneshwar Temple

A town with spiritual significance and home to Sai Baba's childhood dwelling, approximately 16 km from Shirdi.

9. Kopargaon

Known for the historic Daulatabad Fort, situated around 90 km from Shirdi.

10. Daulatabad