Valparai Tourist Places Route Map

1. Valparai to Athirapally Falls

Take the road towards Athirapally. The route passes through lush green landscapes. Use navigation apps for the most accurate directions.

DAY- 1

2. Athirapally to Vazhachal Falls

Continue on the same route to reach Vazhachal Waterfalls, which is close to Athirapally. Follow signs or use navigation for the exact location.

3. Vazhachal to Sholayar Dam

Head back towards Valparai and stop at Sholayar Dam. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to enter the dam area.

4. Valparai Town Exploration

Spend the morning exploring Valparai town. Visit the local market and take in the sights.

DAY- 2

5. Valparai to Balaji Temple

Head to the Balaji Temple in Peria Karamalai Tea Estate. Follow road signs or use navigation for guidance.

6. Balaji Temple to Nirar Dam

Proceed to Nirar Dam for a peaceful time by the reservoir. Check for any permissions required to enter the dam area.

7. Nirar Dam to Chinnakallar Falls

Finally, drive to Chinnakallar Falls for a serene end to your day. Use navigation to find the best route.

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