10 Wildlife Species Found in India

1. Bengal Tiger

The National animal of India is the Tiger, which is home to the largest population in Bengal.A strong and agile creature, this hunter mainly rsides in forests.

2. Indian Elephant

The largest animal of tndia is the elephant, and this animal is recognized by its broad back. Elephant is worshiped in Indian culture.

3. Indian Rhino

There is another animal like it in India, which is knows as the one-horned rhinoceros. Mostly seen in North India, Assam and West Bengal.

4. Indian Lion

There is a subspecies of lion in the state of Gujrat in India, and is found in the dense forests of the national parks of the forest department.

5. Leopard

leopard is a ferocious animal found in various forests of India. it climbs trees easily and is the fastest runner compared to other animals. 

6. Indian Wolf

The Indian wolf is very large. This creature is a type of wild dog, and it is smaller than the domestic dog. Hunts deer and rabbit.

7. Snow Leopard

Found in some parts of India, the snow leopard looks like a large cat. it is cold  and snowy, and there are only a few thousands of children in the forest.

8. Red Panda

Red panda are found in some parts of India, most of which are found in prat of the Himalayas. The habitat of the red panda is trees.

9. Indian Bison

Bigger than the Indian cow, it is known as gaur, it is a very powerful animal. Live in forests and grasslands, where they eat leaves and fruits.

10. Indian Wild Dog

The Indian Wild og, also know as the Dhol, is a vocal animal known to communicate with each other